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Hotter Than Hell

HOTTER THAN HELL, in which I have a time travel novella, "(Like a) Virgin of the Spring" written with Denise Little.

First Blood

First Blood. A Laws of the Blood story! Available in August! "Cave Canem" deals with the origins of Hellhounds, and continues Valentine's story from HEROES.

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance. Available in August. I have a short story, "Dancing With the Star" in this collection.

Currently Available

Moon Fever

Moon Fever is a new anthology with a story set in my Vampire Primes universe.

In "Tempting Fate" by SUSAN SIZEMORE, Desiree dreams she spent a passion-filled night with her favorite rock star Jon Coyote . . . and that he revealed he was a vampire. But when Desiree discovers she is mysteriously pregnant, her erotic fantasy takes a strangely realistic turn.

Fantasy Gone Wrong

FANTASY GONE WRONG is an anthology involving... well, you get the picture. My story, is called "New Yorke Snow" and is about a defective unicorn.

Time after Time

Time after Time is an anthology involving time travel and alternate histories. My story, is called "Me, Myself, and Ay".

The Anthology at the End of the Universe

The Anthology at the End of the Universe: Leading Science Fiction Authors on Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy features a collection of essays. My essay, is called "You Can't Go Home Again, Damn It! Even If Your Planet Hasn't Been Blown Up By The Vogons".

You Bet Your Planet

You Bet Your Planet gives us a look at the game shows of the future. My story is called "Dish of the Day".

Rotten Relations

Rotten Relations features stories from the point of view of the bad guys of literature and history. My story, "Among the Stars", features Queen Hatshepsut explaining why she usurped her stepson’s throne.

Stepping Through the Stargate

Stepping Through the Stargate Science, Archaeology And The Military In Stargate SG-1, is an anthology, of essays coming in October 2004. My piece is about the numerous pop culture references used in the show.

The Magic Shop

One of my favorite short stories, "Every Little Thing She Does" will be in The Magic Shop anthology, available in February 2004 from Daw.

Pharaoh Fantastic

Pharaoh Fantastic explores Ancient Egypt by way of thirteen unforgettable tales that capture both the magic and the mystery of the legendary time of the Pharaohs. My story, "That God Won't Hunt" is about a 6th Dynasty princess who must save her king from a wicked vizier.

Vengeance Fantastic

Seventeen masters of fantasy spin gripping tales of wrongs righted, or gone dreadfully awry... in Vengeance Fantastic. My story, "Sometimes It's Sweet" is about a wronged student at a magic school who doesn't want revenge - but gets it anyway.


Familiars is a fantasy short story anthology which postulates the notion of magical animal helpers. My story, "Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It" involves a pair of would-be professional psychics who adopt a scruffy little mutt named Mae.

Heaven and Hell

Most recently, there is an anthology from Speculation Press called Heaven & Hell . It's an amusing, whimsical bunch of fantasy stories, many of them concentrating on heavenly or demonic bureaucracies. My story, "Ragnarok Can Wait" is about the chaos that ensues when a high school football coach goes to his heavenly reward – in Valhalla.

Speculation Press

Creature Fantastic

"Coming to America", an historical urban fantasy story featuring fairies in early 20th century New York is in a fantasy anthology from DAW called Creature Fantastic .

Murder Most Romantic

From Cumberland House is "Dizzy and the Biker", a tale of love and murder set in a dog park in in Murder Most Romantic : Passionate Tales of Life and Death from the Murder Most Series.

Guardian Angels

And also from Cumberland House is Guardian Angels : Heart-Warming Stories of Divine Influence and Protection . My story, "I'm Not Making This Up", is about an angel that looks like Sinbad with a hangover making life hell for a humor columnist, and was much fun to write.

Perchance To Dream

Perchance to Dream from DAW is a Fantasy Anthology exploring dream worlds, including my story "A Butterfly Dreaming".

Previous Short Stories

  • Tall, Dark, and Dangerous - Catherine Anderson, Christina Dodd and Susan Sizemore (1994) / "One Riot, One Ranger" - Time Travel novella
  • A Dangerous Magic - Denise Little(Editor), et al (1999) / "A Little Death" - Fantasy/Romance Anthology ("A Little Death" is a Sapphire Award Winner in the short story category from the Science Fiction Romance website)

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