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September 2003

Greetings and salutations, and happy end of summer/beginning of autumn, at least for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Happy spring to those elsewhere. Me, I just turned in a manuscript and am heading off to England for two weeks – so I’m as giddy as can be. Except for the waiting for not one, but two, books to come out jitters. LAWS OF THE BLOOD: HEROES should be in stores by the time I get back, and I BURN FOR YOU will be out early in October. They are my babies, and I want them to do well when they go out into the world.

Heroes I Burn For You

I spent August finishing a book, waiting for THE TWO TOWERS DVD to be released, and getting addicted to STARGATE SG-1. Yes, I know the show’s been on for seven seasons, and I always suspected I would love it, but I just never got around to watching it before now. Well, my webmistress Marilyn loaned us her first season DVD set, and one night we sat down to watch the pilot. And then we watched another episode, then another and – I almost regret leaving for my trip to England, cause we’ve only made it to the middle of season two! It’ll be two weeks before I can watch any more.

Stargate SG-1

The third chapter of I BURN FOR YOU has been posted here on the site. If you want to read further…well, the book will be out soon!

Have a good month!


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