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September 2002

Welcome to Susan Sizemore's first Newsletter. This is her Web-mistress... because Susan didn't give me anything to put in this spot for the first month... so, I am writing the Newsletter. According to the information on the "Captured Innocence" cover flat, Susan lives in California. (I think it must be Claremont.) But according to previous covers flats, she lives in Seattle, Missouri, and Minnesota. I guess she moves around a lot?


This is Susan's dog Nefer. The Princess. The theory is that she is Greyhound & German Shepherd (and looks like a large, off-color Pharaoh Hound). She's got the brains of a German Shepherd and a bit of the looks. The rest is Greyhound. Nefer is the fastest thing in the dog-park, other that the retired racing Greyhounds. And she has the stamina to run most of the dogs ragged. She knows she's fast and has fun teasing the other dogs. Oh yeah, did I mention she's smart? If she had thumbs, her monkey slaves... er... we mere humans, would be in trouble. Princess Nefer is one-of-a-kind.

Lord of the Rings

Susan is currently obsessed with Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring (the movie). Hey, aren't we all? But she is really a fanatic! Honest. In fact Susan and her roommate hosted a Bilbo & Frodo Birthday Party on September 22nd... Bilbo & Frodo's Birthday. It makes sense to me, but some people might find it a bit unusual...? There was lots of Hobbit food. What is Hobbit food, you ask? Mushrooms, sausages, cakes, pies, and lots of it. Think "country" English food, and you're in the correct neighborhood.

Well, that's it for now. Susan can tell you about her book research trip to Las Vegas in July. And if she gives me photos, I will scan them. But until then... here we are.