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October 2003

Hello, and Happy Autumn,

I have a lot of news for October. First off, I have not one, but two new books out. Both are vampire novels quite appropriate for the season. One takes place in Las Vegas, the other in Los Angeles, but each in a separate, totally unrelated universe.

I Burn For You Heroes

I BURN FOR YOU, published by Pocket, is the first of a trilogy of vampire romances, and LAWS OF THE BLOOD: HEROES, is the fifth book in my Ace dark fantasy vampire series. Both are in stores, and available from online booksellers such as and Barnes&

Im very proud of both books. While they each feature vampires, they are very different types of books. As a friend put it, "I Burn for you is a romance with vampires, and Heroes is a vampire book with romance."

I BURN FOR YOU received a four and half star Top Pick review from Romantic Times. To quote the review: "With her new twist on ancient vampire lore, Sizemore creates an excellent and utterly engaging new world. I BURN FOR YOU is sexy, exciting, and just plain thrilling. It's the perfect start for a hot new series."

And Booklist says: "Sizemore has long worn two writing hats, that of romance author and sf-fantasy scribe, and each is evident in her first effort to join both forces. .... The bonding of Sizemore's two literary worlds is as powerful as what Alec and Domini feel for each other in this sexy read laced with laughter, the first in a burning new series." I was recently interviewed by the Rebel Romance Readers website. For a fun and very active group of readers, check them (and the interview) out at

In September I went to England for two weeks. Not only was it a wonderful trip, but it gave me the chance to do quite a bit of research for upcoming books. Here are some photo highlights of the trip.

Challice Well
Challice Well
Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor

And Happy First Anniversary to my niece Elisa and her husband Steve!


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