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October 2002

My favorite news of the month is that my niece, the lovely and talented Elisa, was married on October 12th. It was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. Even though the bride and groom sprang the news on me that I was doing the readings during the ceremony…the day before the ceremony...the whole day went beautifully. Fortunately, one of the readings was from the Song of Songs, which I practically have memorized.

Elisa and Steve cutting the cake
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My dear friend Jody Lynn Nye made the wedding cake (hey, she’s not just a fine science fiction writer, she’s also one of the best cooks in the galaxy) and there’s a photo of the bride, groom and cake posted on my website.

On the writing front, the fourth book of my dark fantasy vampire series is now in stores: LAWS OF THE BLOOD: DECEPTIONS is the title. DECEPTIONS is about Istvan's boss, Olympias, the Enforcer of Washington, D.C.

Deceptions Vengeance Fantastic

I also have a short story, "Sometimes It’s Sweet" in the DAW fantasy anthology, VENGEANCE FANTASTIC, out in October…though I’ve yet to see this book in stores. Ugly, ugly cover, but lots of good stories in the collection.

I just mailed off the manuscript for yet another vampire book. This one, tentatively titled, I BURN FOR YOU, is the first book in a contemporary vampire romance series. The publisher will be Pocket. I BURN FOR YOU won’t be available until November of 2003, but I’ll be posting excerpts and information on this new vampire universe on my website. This is a very different universe than Laws of the Blood, much more romance-oriented, but equally full of action and a full developed vampire culture.

I am also currently working on Book Five of the "Laws" series. Tentatively titled Heroes. It takes place in Las Vegas, and features the return of several characters from earlier books.

That’s it for October. Happy Halloween to all!


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