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Holiday 2003

First off, happy holidays Ė from Thanksgiving through New Year! May all your celebrations be happy!

Every year I try to write a short story as a Christmas present for my friends. This year I decided write my annual story as a gift to my readers. So, from me to you, Iíve written Tempting Fate, a holiday romance set in the world of my vampire Primes. You can reach Tempting Fate from the front page of the site. Being a Christmas story, itís cheerful and funny, and since itís posted on my website it is PG-Rated. But itís still very romantic. Read it soon, as it will be taken down on January 2nd 2004.

Iím really proud to announce the publication in hardback of an epic fantasy duology that I wrote with my friend Marguerite Krause. MOONSí DREAMING and MOONS DANCING are a pair of connected novels that tell the story of The Children of the Rock. Previously published as ebooks, they have garnered great reviews, and were nominated for an Eppie Award.

Moons' DreamingMoons' Dancing

What critics have had to say about MOONSí DREAMING and MOONSí DANCING:

"Politics, madness, revolution, evil doers, schemes, dragons, sea-monsters beautiful princesses, stalwart princes, conniving kings, wizardry, a touch of romanceÖand a murder. What more can you ask for from a fantasy novel?"
-Michael Barnette, book reviews at

"Wonderful, compellingÖa believable and enchanting world peopled by characters to care about. If you enjoy fantasy, if you prefer characters who come alive, try Moon's Dreaming for a great read."

-J. L. Walters, Science Fiction Reviews at

MOONSí DREAMING was released in November. MOONSí DANCING comes out in December. They are published by Five Star.

To celebrate the publication of these books Iím holding a drawing to give away a set of MOONSí DREAMING and MOONSí DANCING. To enter, send me an email at with FANTASY DRAWING in the subject line. The winner will be announced December 15th, 2003.

And lastly, Iíve gotten quite a few emails from people whoíve read the excerpt for the second Prime book thatís printed in the back of I BURN FOR YOU. The question Iíve been getting is: is the Jo thatís the heroine of the second book the same Jo thatís mentioned as Hollyís lover in I BURN FOR YOU? The answer is, NO! Itís purely coincidental that there are two characters named Jo in these books. The Jo in I BURN FOR YOU is named Joanne (something I knew, but donít think I mentioned in the book), and gets back together with Holly. The Jo in Fire in the Blood (by the way, the title has been changed to I THIRST FOR YOU) is named Josephine Elliot, and she gets together with the hero, vampire Prime Marcus Cage (youíll have to read the book to find out how). Iím sorry if the similarity in names has caused any confusion.


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