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May 2005

Hello, and happy spring!

Sorry it's been a while since Iíve done a newsletter. Remember that I promised "mostly monthly". It's been a busy year so far. In January I had the flu. For just about all of January. Nasty bug. And now there is this problem of having bursitis in my left arm. And me lefty, too! But enough of my whining.

I Hunger For You

I have a new book out -- I Hunger for You -- the third book in the vampire Primes series. It's the one with the purple cover. And it is doing quite well, I'm happy to say. Two weeks on the USA Today bestseller list, a 4 ½ starred review from RT, and itís gone to a second printing Ė all good stuff. And thanks for the great fan mail Ė it is much appreciated!

Book number four (Laurentís story, set in San Diego) is finished, and Iím on to writing the fifth book in the series, which is set in Las Vegas. The hero of book five is a Family Prime named Mathias Bridger, and the heroine is Philippa Elliot, the sister of Jo from I THIRST FOR YOU.

In April I went to Las Vegas for a weekend Ė to research the book, honest! Iíd post some photos, but my camera battery turned out to be dead (should have checked before I left), so I didnít take any photos.

Update on book four in the Primes series: the tentative title is OUT OF THE NIGHT, and the release date has been changed from this October to February 2006. Sorry about that! Not my decision.

In September my publisher will be releasing the first three Primes books in a trade paperback omnibus edition called CRAVE THE NIGHT. I havenít seen a cover on that one yet, but Iím looking forward to it.

In June Iíll be attending the Writersí Weekend conference in Seattle, WA. I have been to a conference for a while, so Iím really looking forward to it. Iíll be doing a "Show, Donít Tell" panel, plus a reading and a book signing.

Hope you have a happy spring. And Happy Motherís Day to the momís of the world.


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