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May 2003

Sorry it's been a couple of months between newsletters. I spent all of March and April, and a good portion of May ill with a combination of sinus infection and pneumonia. Lack of energy and concentration did nothing for my writing schedule.

However, I did finally write a pair of short stories for upcoming DAW anthologies early in May. "Dish of the Day" will be in YOU BET YOUR PLANET and "Among the Stars" will be in ROTTEN RELATIONS . I do not yet know when either anthology will be released, but will let you know when I do.

Speaking of upcoming books, I will have two vampire books out this fall. LAWS OF THE BLOOD: HEROES will be available in September. I BURN FOR YOU will be released in October. Each book is set in a different vampire universe.

Laws of the Blood: Heroes

HEROES is number five in my LAWS OF THE BLOOD series. Several characters from earlier books are featured - including my favorite vampire, Valentine - in an adventure set in Las Vegas.

I Burn For You

I BURN FOR YOU is the first of a contemporary romance series featuring vampires called Primes, that walk in the daylight. They love and protect mortals…at least the good ones do…

Covers and excerpts from both books are posted here on the site.

In the future I will also be posting more excerpts from I BURN FOR YOU, short stories about Primes, artwork and interesting historical information about the clans, families and tribes of the Prime Universe. There will also be contests for autographed books. And information of upcoming novels in the series. So check back for updates. Or add your name to my mailing list.

For those of you who are into ebooks, the first four books in the LAWS OF THE BLOOD series are now available for download from places like and Powells Books.

In May I also went to Colorado for the college graduation of my dear friends Mike and Marguerite Krause's son Matthew. We had a wonderful time, and on the way, Marguerite and I started plotting out a sequel to our epic fantasy novels (available from Five Star later this year) MOONS' DREAMING and MOONS' DANCING. We also did tourist stuff.

Moons DreamingMoons Dancing

Health tip: I found out the hard way that a person recovering from pneumonia should not go to the top of Pike's Peak. There isn't that much oxygen at 14,110 feet folks!

Thatís it for May.


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