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March 2004

Letís see, in some parts of the world spring is beginning to make an appearance. Since I live in the frozen north, spring is at least a month away, but March is dear to me just the same. This year March is especially welcome, because Iím going to Egypt, where I will visit the historical sites Iíve wanted to see all my life, research future books, shop, go to museums, and I will be warm while doing it. In fact, I hear that Egypt is unseasonably warm for this time of year. Iíll let you know.

I Burn For You

My news for the month is Ė I BURN FOR YOU has been awarded Best Vampire Romance of 2003 by Romantic Times Magazine. Iím mighty pleased about that! Thank you, RT Reviewers!

I also just finished writing a werewolf story for a holiday anthology that is due to be released in November. This story takes place in the same universe as my Primes vampire novels, but the hero is a werewolf, named Harry. Heís a missing persons detective. Iím not sure what the title of the anthology is going to be yet. More on that when I know.

I Thrist For You

You will find that the first two chapters of I THIRST FOR YOU are now posted here on the site. Read the excerpt, and meet Family Prime, Marcus Cage and his mortal love, Jo Elliot. Chapter Three will be posted in April, Chapter Four in May Ė and the book will be released in June!

To win the first drawing for bound galleys of I THIRST FOR YOU Ė the winners to be announced on March 31st Ė send an email to: with Thirst Drawing in the subject line.

Iím off to Egypt now. Iíll post photos next month.


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