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June 2004

Itís summer, and life is good. Okay, my beloved Timberwolves were beaten by the Lakers in the NBA Western Conference finals. But I feel that justice was done when the Detroit Pistons went on to beat the Lakers in the Finals.

And June 11th brought the premiere of THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, a movie Iíve been waiting a long time for. Loved it! THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN is wonderful as well. And the end of the month brings the new SPIDER-MAN movie. Summer at the multiplexes is good for us science fiction fans.

In writing news, I have two books out this month.

I Thrist For You

I THIRST FOR YOU is now in stores, and doing very well. It is the second vampire romance novel featuring the sexy, alpha vampire Primes.

MOONSí DANCING (written with Marguerite Krause), the second book of the CHILDREN OF THE ROCK epic fantasy duology is being released in tradesize paperback this month.

Iím currently working on the third Primes book, I HUNGER FOR YOU. Iím told the release date for I HUNGER FOR YOU will be March or April of 2005. Iíve seen a cover design for this book, and believe me, itís impressive. Iíll post a copy of the cover when itís officially finished.

THE SHADOWS OF CHRISTMAS PAST Stepping Through the Stargate

Speaking of covers, hereís a look at the covers of a couple of upcoming books. THE SHADOWS OF CHRISTMAS PAST contains supernatural Christmas themed novellas by Christine Feehan and myself. This book will be released in late autumn. STEPPING THROUGH THE STARGATE will also be released in the fall. This book contains essays on all aspects of my favorite television series, Stargate: SG-1. My piece is about the numerous pop culture references used in the show.


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