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February 2003

Hello, and happy March. February was a very busy month for me. So busy that I donít think I had time to see LOTR:TT again. Darn it. Did catch Daredevil, and was mighty pleased. Not just at Ben Affleck in tight dark red leather, but at all the Marvel Comic references peppered throughout the story. Iím a big Marvel fan. Looking forward to X-Men 2, even if my beloved Gambit is only supposed to be in a cameo shot with a bunch of other X-Men characters not featured in the story. Oh, well, the Rogue in the film version of the X universe is still too young for him anyway.

The Lord of the Rings - The Two TowersDaredevilX-Men 2

Iím a basketball fan (as those of you who have read GATES OF HELL, THE HUNT, or PRICE OF PASSION are aware.) The NBA All Star game was in February, and I want to congratulate the Minnesota Timberwolves own Kevin Garnett for being named the All Star game MVP. Way to go, Kevin!

I went on a four day writersí retreat/plotting group session in the Texas Hill Country near the end of the month. This gathering included (shown in picture) myself, Geralyn Dawson, Heather MacAllister, Connie Brockway, Christina Dodd, and Susan Kay Law (who took the picture). It was great fun, and many books were discussed and plotted. We also ate a lot. Many thanks to Bobbie Morganroth who came along to cook for us. The woman is a culinary genius!

writers' retreat
click for larger image

I also finished writing the fifth book in the LAWS OF THE BLOOD series in February. This book, HEROES will be available in October 2003. HEROES features the return of Char and Haven from PARTNERS, and Valentine and Geoff from THE HUNT. Iíll be posting an excerpt from HEROES here on the site in the future.

Thatís it for February.


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