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December 2004

Hello, and Happy Holidays!

I have a new novella out from Pocket, "A Touch of Harry" in the holiday anthology THE SHADOWS OF CHRISTMAS PAST. "Harry" is set in my Primes universe, and features a werewolf hero, but you donít have to have read any of the Primes stuff to follow the story. The book has a bright red cover to go with the season and also has the wonderful story "Rocky Mountain Miracle" by the amazingly gifted Christine Feehan. Believe me, Iím honored to be sharing the book with her. THE SHADOWS OF CHRISTMAS PAST has been on both the NYT Times and USA Today best seller lists, and for a writer thatís a great Christmas present.

Shadows of Christmas Past

Also out in December from DAW is the fantasy anthology ROTTEN RELATIONS (Iím sorry to say this, but this book has one of the ugliest covers Iíve ever seen) in which I have a short story, "Among the Stars". ROTTEN RELATIONS features stories from the point of view of the bad guys of literature and history, such as Sir Kayís view of King Arthur and the stepsisters view of Cinderella. My story features Queen Hatshepsut explaining why she usurped her stepsonís throne. What can I say? I have this thing for ancient Egypt.

Once upon a time I wrote a novel called WALKING ON THE MOON. By once upon a time I mean way back in 1991. Iíve rewritten it several times over the years, updating it each time, but the story remains the same Ė about the "Chili Lady" chef who gets kidnapped to their spaceship by a crew of time traveling miners. Itís been released as an ebook, and given away as a download, but never published in print form. Iím delighted to say that the most recent version will soon be released by Cerridwen Press as an ebook once again. Iím a great fan of ebooks, so Iím delighted to contribute to the format. Check out Cerridwen Press at

The next book in the Primes vampire romance series will be out in March 2005. The cover and an excerpt is now available for you to read here on the site.

Iíve just turned in an opinion piece for a THE HITCHHIKERíS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY essay book. This book will be available from BenBella Books, but Iím not sure when. Sometime next year, Iím sure. Iíll post information when I have it.

Letís see, what else? Oh, Iíve been told that Pocket plans to release the first three Primes novels, I BURN FOR YOU, I THIRST FOR YOU, and I HUNGER FOR YOU in a trade paperback size omnibus called CRAVE THE NIGHT. That will be out next September, just before the October release of the fourth book in the Primes series. Iím looking forward to seeing what the cover looks like on this.

Speaking of the fourth book, Iím working on that one right now. I do not yet know what the title is going to be.

May your holidays be safe and happy! More from me next year!


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