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December 2002

First off, happy holidays to all! Especially to those of you (like me) who consider the opening of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS to be a holiday).

Letís see, whatís up in writing news this month?

I have a short story that Iím very proud of in a new DAW fantasy anthology. The book is titled PHAROAH FANTASTIC, and my story is "That God Wonít Hunt". Iím very excited about this collection, as it features one of my favorite things to read about Ė ancient Egypt Ė and stories from some of my favorite writers, including Tanya Huff and Jody Lynn Nye. I was delighted to be asked to contribute a story of my own to PHAROAH FANTASTIC. Available in stores now!

Pharaoh Fantastic

Iíve also been invited to contribute a story to another DAW anthology. This one will be called YOU BET YOUR PLANET. Since the manuscript isnít due until April 2003, my assumption is that the book wonít be released before 2004.

Captured Innocence Front CoverCaptured Innocence Back Cover

I will have a historical romance novel in stores early in January 2003. CAPTURED INNOCENCE is my second book about the Victorian-set adventures of the MacLeod family of Skye Court, espionage agents for Her Majestyí s Secret Service. CAPTURED INNOCENCE features Christopher MacLeod, the familyís resident thief. Kit, as he is known, is assigned to discover the dark secrets of Bororavianís wicked king when the king and his court visit London. Along the way he romances Lily Bancroft, sheep farmer and Bororavian princess in exile.

By the way, an autographed copy of CAPTURED INNOCENCE goes to the first person who can tell me which of my one of my earlier books also features members of the Bororavian royal family.

CAPTURED INNOCENCE has been selected as a featured alternate by the Rhapsody Book Club at This is my first book club appearance, and Iím quite excited about it.

May you all have a healthy, happy holiday season, and a very happy new year!


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