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LAWS OF THE BLOOD is my vampire fantasy series for Ace Science Fiction. The books are about vampire cops. No, not vampires who are police officers, but vampires whose job it is to enforce the laws of their community. My vampire cops are as likely to be protecting vampires from human predators than the other way around.

Short Story

First Blood

First Blood. A Laws of the Blood story! Available in August! "Cave Canem" deals with the origins of Hellhounds, and continues Valentine's story from HEROES.


This is the Law: Beware of the Light

Las Vegas. City of endless night. The perfect place for an Enforcer to take a brief holiday.

Like Char McCairn, in town from the Southwest, accompanied by her human friend and sometime lover, Jebel Haven. And the aspiring Enforcer Geoff Sterling. With his mentor - the very beautiful, very ancient Nighthawk known only as Valentine - he's driven over from L.A. for the weekend.

But what the four don't know is that there is a rebellion brewing among the vampires of Vegas that threatens the existence of all who are of the Nighthawk Line. Already, the Enforcer of the city has gone missing under suspicious circumstances.

Now, the dissidents have targeted the three visiting Nighthawks - and it will be up to the mortal Jebel Haven to save their immortal lives, though it may cost him his…

Currently Available

Laws of the Blood: Heroes

Fifth in my LAWS OF THE BLOOD series is HEROES. They are the Enforcers. An elite group of vampires, all of the Nighthawk line, who must serve and protect their secret community – and uphold the...Laws of the Blood.

Laws of the Blood: Deceptions

Fourth in my LAWS OF THE BLOOD series is DECEPTIONS. The vampire Olympias has longed reigned as the Enforcer of Washington, D.C. Over the years, she has made many enemies-yet none have dared to challenge her authority...until now.

Laws of the Blood: Companions

Third in my LAWS OF THE BLOOD series is COMPANIONS. This installment of the series features Istvan, the most dangerous of the Enforcers, and his unwilling mortal companion, Chicago cop Selena Crawford.

Laws of the Blood: Partners

Second in my LAWS OF THE BLOOD series is PARTNERS. This installment of the series features Char, a rookie Enforcer trying to rescue a young vampire that’s been kidnapped by a sorcerer and his demon familiar. But mortal vampire hunter Jebel Haven is also on the trail of the missing vampire – but not to rescue him.

The Hunt

First in my LAWS OF THE BLOOD series is THE HUNT. The Los Angeles community of Vampires is hungry. They are ready to go on a hunt for fresh blood, but they must await the leadership of their Enforcer, Selim. Selim has the job of controlling the vampires' hunger, which is met with resistance from a group ready to take over Selim's position.

Nominated for 1999 PEARL ParaNormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature.

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