Susan Sizemore


Original Fiction Published Only in E-book Format

Vampire Primes Paranormal Romance

Thena Blaise is determined not to fall in love with a media hounded movie star despite the charming way he courts her. But Thena doesn’t know the half of James Wilde’s secrets - the dangerous half. James Wilde is a Vampire Prime, and he knows Thena must be his. As she is the bondmate he’s waited his entire life to find.

Includes an excerpt of the upcoming Vampire Primes Novel, PRIMAL CRAVINGS!


Alternate World Romantic Fantasy

For the fans of George R. R. Martin ... From the pen of New York Times bestseller Susan Sizemore, an all-new full-length novel that sweeps you into a strange new world of fantasy, romance and adventure...

On the island world of three moons, after years of war, Naval Surgeon Megere Cliff returns home to find herself caught between her obligation to her family and her need to be free at last. But duty must always command her, and so she puts herself on the marriage mart, in the rites of the Seeker Season.

Beautiful, intelligent, and brave, Megere attracts suitors who view her as prime breeding stock, but beneath the frivolity of the parties and balls, trouble is brewing. Caught between conspiracies and fanatics, danger buffets Megere.

Should she trust the enigmatic, imperious Lord Adrew North? Or is he the very enemy she fears?


Time Travel

Never before published Time Travel Novella from New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Sizemore!

Frannie time travels from the future to the ruins of the 21st century. Her mission is stop rebels from changing the past so that they can come to power in her own time. Arriving mistakenly in Paris, she enlists the aid of Rakesh, a genetically enhanced ex-soldier, to help her reach New York. It’s a dangerous trip, filled with refugees, slavers, gang wars, and even zombies. Along the way, Frannie is fiercely attracted to her dangerous guide, and begins to question that she’s working for the right side in the time travel war.


Paranormal Romance
Collection of short stories

Angels and werewolves and demons, oh my! A collection of five paranormal romance stories from NYT bestselling author Susan Sizemore.

Escape into romantic fantasy in this collection of five tales of paranormal lovers. Meet an angel of death who finds the man of her dreams in “A Little Death”. A wizard saves a lady in distress from her demon-haunted house in “Every Little Thing She Does”. A defective unicorn brings a king and a lady of negotiable affection together in “New Yorke Snow”. “The Weaver and the Werewolf” must overcome their tumultuous past to save the land they love. And a surgeon is pulled from our world to find true love in “Butterfly Dreaming”.


E-book Reissues of Previously Released Books

Time Travel Novella
Originally published 08/94 in TALL, DARK AND DANGEROUS anthology

Western Time Travel Romance novella from New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Sizemore.

When Sheriff Marty Wirth prays for help and sends for a Texas Ranger to clean up the town of Loon, Texas the answer to her prayers appears in the person of Chris Parris.

Chris is brought back in time from a modern bar fight into the Old West to find himself in the role of Martha’s reluctant hero. He’s a loner and an ex-con and — she looks at him and what can a man do but fall in love?

He can try to escape his fate, that’s what. He has to get out of Dodge, eh, Loon, before it’s too late. Besides, people keep shooting at him, and at her, and she keeps looking at him like he’s the most wonderful man in the world.

Dang it all, this is the Wild West — and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!


Time Travel Romance Novel
Originally published 10/94 as IN MY DREAMS

A romp of a Time Travel Romance Novel from New York Times Bestselling Susan Sizemore!

Summoned back in time to medieval Ireland by a druidic song spell, California biker Sammy Bergen comes face to face with the woman of his dreams, Brianna, the beautiful singer who had summoned him across time.

This time travel romance novel was originally published October 1994 as IN MY DREAMS. I never liked that title, and have changed it back to my original title for it, SAMMY’S SONG.


Time Travel Romance Novel
Originally published 12/96

Drawn back by magic to the Middle Ages, Diane Teal is under a curse to never speak until she falls in love. Simon De Argent, Lord of Marbeau is an arrogant, barbaric warrior. She is given to him as a plaything. The last thing she wants is to fall in love with him.

Simon is a man of honor and pride, aware that he cannot survive the war coming in the spring. Diane’s presence in his castle is unwanted. He accepts that his fate is sealed, until Diane begins to give him hope. Loving Diane becomes all he wants. But how can his fate be changed, even by the magic of love?


Historical Romance Novel, Victorian Setting
Originally published 01/02

A Victorian Historical Romance Novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Sizemore.

Harriet is a spy.

Lord Martin Kestrel has no idea of this when he asks her to marry him. Of course, he thinks she is named Abigail, and is his daughter’s devoted governess. Lord Martin, devilishly handsome, witty and sexy, is a roving ambassador for the Queen. Harriet has made it her duty for the last four years to protect him, and to try not to fall in love with him.

Harriet runs rather than tell Martin the truth. But he tracks her down. She has to face his fury at her deception. She also makes a devil’s bargain with him, accepting a place in Martin’s bed as his mistress to accomplish one more mission for Crown and Country.

Martin is out for revenge. Harriet has an assignment, and both want more from the other than they claim. After four years of hungering for each other, are they going to let little things like treachery and deadly danger get in the way of their passion?


Historical Romance Novel, Victorian Setting
Originally published 01/03

Sensual Victorian-set Historical Romance Novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Sizemore!

To Catch a Thief ...

Raised as an English country girl, Bororavian princess Lily Bancroft simply cannot wed her detestable, power-hungry cousin. Yet she dares not refuse — and that’s where Kit Fox comes in. This charming, disarmingly attractive thief-turned-British spy wanted royal obligations by “robbing” her of her innocence. But first the gentleman rogue will need some “convincing” — a prospect Lily finds somewhat frightening ... and deliciously stimulating.

... First Steal His Heart

It could not be more perfect! Kit’s liege has assigned him to investigate dark doings in the Bororavian court — and now the true heiress to the throne is offering him entry! Lily’s seduction is his sworn duty, her passionate manipulation his sole aim. But what is this feeling in his heart the exquisite lady inspires — this sensuous need and unbidden tenderness that threatens to blossom gloriously into love?


Time Travel Romance Novel
Originally published 02/96

Exciting Time Travel Romance Novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Sizemore!

Swept back to medieval England, Time Search team member Libby Wolfe is unable to keep her promise to remain uninvolved when she falls in love with the handsome outlaw Bastien of Bale.


Futuristic Romance Novel
Originally published 03/00 in Trade Paperback

Thrilling Science Fiction Romance Adventure Novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Sizemore!

As plague burns across the galaxy, a pirate and an empathic healer team up to stop the deaths and find the cause of the disease. Pyr and Roxanne have every reason to be enemies, but in the end pirate and physician risk betraying everything that either of them believes in, for the sake of a bond deeper than any they ever dreamed of.


Short Stories Available Only for Kindle

Urban Fantasy

Vicky went to the mall looking for a birthday present for her witch mother. She ended up with the entire magical community shunning her — while she defended them against an angry demon!

Humorous Space Opera

War is forbidden among galactic civilizations but contests of skill are still life and death matters. Teams compete for power, planets, resources. Humans may not be the fastest, strongest or smartest among the species in the universe — but we sure can cook.