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Welcome to New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Sizemore's eclectic and not particularly organized little piece of the net. Thank you for stopping by.

Primal Instincts cover

Pocket Star
ISBN-10: 1416562141
ISBN-13: 978-1416562146

Flare Reynard and Tobias Strahan’s story!

Read an excerpt of PRIMAL INSTINCTS.

Susan now has an e-book store and you can check out all her available e-books here.

About me and my stuff - I'm an eclectic sort of "I wanna do it all" sort of writer. You can look for my novels and short stories in the romance and science fiction sections of your local bookstores, or head to my bookstore, (by category) in association with

Feel free to explore. There are covers and excerpts of current and upcoming books to be found here. There's a complete short story for you to read. There's also links to webpages of some of my favorite things and people. Sign up for my mailing list. Send me an email -- I'll be happy to hear from you.

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Primal Desires
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